Lifting Chains

Full Repair Services

A chain sling system in grade 80 to BS EN818-2 is available from stock. Grade 100 is also available. We also offer a full repair services from our workshop with a quick turnaround and comes complete with full examination report.

The Working Load Limits

GRADE 8 + 10 – Working Load Limits – Tonnes

The working load limits (WLL) listed in the table below are the maximum weights which lifting chains are designed to carry.

In exceptionally hazardous conditions or in any other circumstances which might indicate a need for a WLL lower than the designed figure, the degree of hazard should be assessed by a competent person and the working load limit adjusted accordingly. The WLL, which should be marked on the sling itself, or on a securely fixed metal tag, must not be exceeded in any circumstances.

Calculating Working Load Limits

The load imposed on a sling leg increases as the angle of the leg from vertical increases.

Account is taken of this fact when calculating working load limits. For example, a 10mm two-leg sling to be used at an angle of 45º from the vertical (90º included angle) will have a WLL 1.4 times that of a 10mm single leg sling when used vertically, and not 2 times the single leg. That same working load limit applies to all angles from 0º – 45º (0º – 90º included angle).

Where there is likely to be a need to use lifting chains at an angle greater than 45º from the vertical, the sling should have additional markings showing the reduced WLL applying at angles from 45º – 60º from the vertical (included angles from 90º – 120º).

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