Does Your Lifting Gear Need Inspecting?

Most lifting gear needs to be maintained and tested on a regular basis in order to ensure safe use and compliance with legislation. Do you know how often your own equipment needs to be inspected? If you’re operating lifting gear in Leeds, or surrounding areas like Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax or Wakefield, we can help you with this.

Time Frame

Different equipment needs to be inspected in different time frames. Guidelines are set out in regulations such as the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) and the Safe Use of Lifting Equipment: Approved Code of Practice (ACOP), but there is some flexibility, and determinations on inspection schedules can be made according to a risk assessment made by the inspector. Also, equipment that has not been used for some time would normally require an inspection before use.

Load Testing

Some lifting equipment does not need to be load tested during thorough examinations, while other gear does. For some equipment, overload testing can be damaging and is not recommended. In other cases, load testing does need to be conducted, but not on every single inspection. The need for load testing is usually a matter for the inspector to decide.


If your equipment has been repaired for any reason at all, it must pass a thorough examination before it can be put back into use. This includes the replacement of critical components. The same applies if the equipment has undergone any significant alterations or modifications.

The Inspection Process

In the majority of cases, an inspection can take place on-site, which will help reduce the cost to you and the disruption to your operations. The inspector will check for problems with the operation of the equipment, as well as normal wear-and-tear caused by use or through the environmental conditions. In some cases, disassembly or internal examination of some parts of the machinery may be necessary.

We are here to make sure your lifting gear is safe to use and meets all legal requirements. We offer competitive prices and world-class expertise – if your equipment is ready for its next inspection, or if you’re not sure when it needs to be inspected, contact us today.

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